Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)

Dr. Julissa

Dr. Julissa - Epic Man Stack (3 supplement Stack)

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Ashwagandha has traditionally been used as an anti-inflammatory to treat various diseases associated with nerve tissue damage from the effects of free radicals. Being an adaptogen it is known to increase the body’s capacity to face a wide range of chemical, physical and mental stresses. It is commonly used to aid recovery after chronic or serious illnesses including exhaustion, AIDS, and tuberculosis. Ashwagandha is one of the few sedating and calming adaptogen herbs available making it especially useful for those suffering from anxiety.

Since ashwagandha carries all of these nervous system balancing, inner calm-promoting qualities, it can also be effective for relieving insomnia. According to TCM, these actions are inherent since ashwagandha is a yang tonic with an affinity for the heart (Tierra, n.d.).

 Ashwagandha plays more roles. Not only does ashwagandha act as a yang rejuvenator, relaxing adaptogen, libido booster, and thyroid modulator, it also boosts our mood, balances depression and anxiety-based states, helps support healthy blood sugar levels, improves our memory, supports physical endurance, promotes respiratory health, and regulates our inflammatory response (Rose, 2008; Tierra, n.d.).


Organic Beet: 

The richest source of Nitric Oxide (NO), Beet Root has shown in research to relieve

blood vessel stiffness, optimizing both circulation and sexual function in Men and Women. In ancient medicine, it has been used for sexual weakness, and we see Beet Root used as a sex hormone enhancer, also known as an aphrodisiac substance, by humans. Long considered a food beneficial to blood health, Beet Root improves circulation, and reduces high blood pressure.

A study confirmed Beet Root supports brain health as well, given it supplies iron, and the nitrates found in beet root help to increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, the front of the brain. These studies are associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and Beet Root has shown to successfully support in overcoming these challenges.

Beet Root is used today extensively by athletes, improves endurance, energy and performance. Research states modern pharmacology shows that red beet extract exhibits antihypertensive and hypoglycemic activity as well as magnificent antioxidant activity important to maintain human health and neutralize the negative effect of oxidative stress. In humans, oxidative stress is involved in many diseases like atherosclerosis, myocardial challenges, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and also aging.

Beet Root helps correct obesity, visceral fat, and improves blood cholesterol.



*Niacin - Known as a therapy for men to support stronger erections because Niacin can rapidly open up and stimulate circulation to all extremities, as in head, hands, feet and genital region.

*Zinc - A mineral that acts as a co-factor of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase: an antioxidant enzyme that works with catalase to scavenge and neutralize free radicals) to protect against free radical damage, is essential to sexual and reproductive health

*Tongkat Ali Root Powder - An herbal medicine native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Regarded in Malaysia as the "Malaysian Ginseng", Tongkat Ali is Traditionally used as a Folk medicine aphrodisiac and adaptogen.

*Horny Goat Weed - A traditional Chinese medicine aphrodisiac, this herb was the food known for "yin yang", a mythical animal that could achieve sexual climax up to one hundred times a day.

*Cnidium monnieri Powder - This herb is traditionally used for Erectile Dysfunction, reported to increase men's libido and to treat male infertility and premature ejaculation.

*Mucuna pruriens Seeds - Used in Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and also called "velvet bean", Mucuna pruriens, appears in an ancient medical text of the Indian subcontinent from 1000bc.

*Guarana Seed Extract - Also known as Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana is deemed one of the most potent, richest sources of caffeine in the world. Native to South America, legend states it was discovered by the Incas, and its stimulating properties are similar to the caffeine in coffee or teas. 

*DHEA - An abundant hormone made by the adrenal glands from cholesterol. It's part of a profound cascade that ends in the making of hormones, especially testosterone.

*Panax Ginseng - This ginseng is known as the most effective of all tonic herbs. Panax ginseng has been intensely studied today by science. Since scientific research is incredibly expensive, the enormous wealth of testing on ginseng shows its importance in the minds of scientists and researchers all over the world.

*Eleutheroscoccus senticosus Root - Very different from panax ginseng, this herb called 'Siberian Ginseng', and also known as Taiga root, is a long-term energy tonic for endurance, the adrenal glands, and circulatory health. 

*Oat Straw - Exactly as the name states, the straw of oats, research shows, supports men in frequency of intercourse and orgasm. It is an excellent toner for the whole system.  It supports the thyroid gland, the master of metabolism. 

*Rhodiola rosea Root - Called the Arctic Rose, Rhodiola helps with sexual dysfunction.  Athletes like Rhodiola because it shortens recovery time after mental and physical stress.  It is one of the best stress-lowering herbal remedies today.

*Wild Yam Stem - Good for balancing male hormones and a tonic for the reproductive system. Wild Yam is excellent for overall liver support, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol. Traditionally used for exhausted adrenals and low blood sugar.

*Maca Root Powder - For men, Maca works to restore lost energy and recharge sexual performance.  Although we do not condone testing on animals, our research on sexuality tests done by outside scientists and researchers with animals have been dramatic.

*L-Arginine - A semi-essential amino acid that optimizes both circulation and sexual function in men.  It relaxes the muscles and increases orgasm capacity. This l-arginine absorbs rapidly, and metabolizes in less than half an hour, which is one reason there is such a noticeable, positive reaction in this sexual performance formula.

*Tribulus terrestris - Known as a tonic remedy for sexuality in Ayurvedic healing, it produces significant increases in testosterone levels by activating luteinizing hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland, for this reason to be considered an aphrodisiac, and to have a positive effect on muscle building and bone marrow activity.

*Muira Puama - The best-known Amazonian folk medicine, studies show it increases libido and penile hardness. It acts as a nerve stimulant to heighten receptiveness to sexual stimuli