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BAIBA - Antaeus Labs
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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1/4 teaspoon (1g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount per Serving % DV

β-aminoisobutyric acid 1g *
* Daily Value Not Established

Antaeus Labs Modular Series βAIBA is a dietary supplement containing β-aminoisobutyric acid.

Beta-aminoisobutyric acid, or BAIBA for short.

When you exercise, benefits of that exercise are seen in many different organs of the body, not just the muscles that were exercised. These metabolic benefits are the result of "messenger" molecules that are released into the blood stream and travel to other tissues where the benefits of exercise are realised. One such messenger molecule, or "myokine", is understood to be the amino acid beta-aminoisobutyric acid.

BAIBA is an amino acid that your body produces in response to exercise. After being released into the blood stream, it starts a thermogenic program in fat tissue, raising energy expenditure and reducing weight gain when tested in mice. When mouse or human white fat cells are exposed to BAIBA, some of them become fat-burning "beige" fat cells. Beige (or BRITE) fat cells contain the protein UCP-1 - also known as "thermogenin" because it burns triglycerides to produce heat.

  • BAIBA is produced naturally by the human body – it’s formed from the catabolism of thymine [1][2] and is also product of exercise-induced PGC1a-mediated amino acid breakdown.
  • BAIBA increases the utilization of free fatty acids and decreases fat mass in mice.
  • BAIBA stimulates the differentiation of white fat cells into thermogenic beige/brite fat cells in both in vivo animal experiments and in vitro human stem cell studies.

Antaeus Labs Modular Series βAIBA contains just the amino acid BAIBA, in powder form for easy dosing. It's tasteless and odorless, and mixes well with a soft drink or protein shake. It is suitable for both men and women.

Studies suggest BAIBA may:
  • Increase lipolysis and the beta-oxidation of fatty acids (“fat burning”)
  • Increase body temperature and energy expenditure
  • Increase ketogenesis (the production of ketone bodies in the liver)

βAIBA is suited for use by:
  • those trying to lose weight, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise regime
  • those trying to reap the maximal metabolic benefits from their exercise regime
  • those who may be temporarily unable to exercise through injury or illness

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