Vanessa Adams is an NPC Bodybuilder and mother of two. She has been competing, coaching competitors, and offering posing instruction for almost a decade and her supplement industry experience spans almost as long, ranging from formula consulting to various sponsored athlete roles. Vanessa is partial to tinkering with hormonal optimizers and drinks Divine Nutrition protein multiple times a day.



Nour Saber is an ACSM certified personal trainer and owner of He is currently studying food studies/nutrition at York College and has earned several certificates of excellence in biology and chemistry both in the US and overseas. Nour enjoys experimenting with various natural anabolics and his favorite fat burner is ephedrine with caffeine.




Danny Sanchez is an ISSA certified personal trainer with over five years of experience and currently competes in NPC Physique, where he is nationally qualified and seeking pro status. He enjoys high stimulant pre-workout supplements, particularly Assassin from Anarchy Labs, due to its potent 1,3 dimethylamine formula.





Michael Lopez is a NASM and ISSA certified personal trainer and father of two young sons. He is passionate about health and fitness and is constantly researching how to help others achieve the best results possible. Mike believes in the importance of proper post workout nutrition and favors glycogen replenishing carb supplements in conjunction with whey isolates.