Adem Redzovic

I started my fitness journey during my late teens just wanting to put a small amount of muscle on, but obviously once you start seeing results working out then becomes an addiction. My beginning weight was around 160 when I first started training, and now my body hovers around 220 or more. This is all within a three year time span consisting of working out religiously five days every week, eating right, and of course training hard, and heavy.

Obviously training right and eating right are very important but there's always something that can be done to give you an advantage, wether it's gaining muscle or losing weight, and that's when supplementation comes into play. I've always felt that protein, creatine, BCAA's, multivitamins, and joint support are the foundation for giving you that edge, and everything else only benefits you furthermore. The reason why I take many of these products is because the only way you can transform your body, such as in my case which is building muscle you have to allow the body to repair itself. These products allow your body to do that but at a much faster rate which allows for quicker results. Such as improved strength, endurance, muscle mass, less soreness, etc.

The way I see the body is as an investment, if you put in the work and incorporate the right supplements then the end result will represent the determination and consistency you have implemented. Don't waste your time with some diet plan you bought from some guy or take training tips from someone that spends more time talking then training. If you want products that actually work and want real advice without the nonsense come see me at Eva's Supplements.

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