Brianna Diaz

USAPL Powerlifter: National Drug Tested Federation
Competed at Northeast Iron Beast Classic and placed first in both the open category for all age groups as well as Teen 3.

New York Records for Squat, Deadlift and Total.

My fitness journey began when I was about 15 and the only goal in mind was to gain weight. Like every fitness journey, it’s always a matter of trial and error. I first began searching up meal plans, workouts and the right supplementation to optimize the best and cleanest results. It took me 2 years but eventually I got there.  In the beginning I started with bodybuilding, I would workout out 3 times a day for 5 to 6 days a week, twice in high school as well as outside of high school. At the time, I didn’t realize that I needed to train heavy and consume way more carbs and protein to optimize the best results.

It took me a solid year to get to the weight class that enabled me to get the qualifying numbers to compete at nationals against the best of the best in the United States. In a span of 2 years my starting weight was 127 and now I’m currently weighing in at 159, my weight class for competition is the 72kg/158.6 lb. weight class. My current goal is to qualify for worlds and take home some world records, all the while juggling college as well as work. I enjoy uplifting others all the while pushing them to reach their max potential. There’s no limit to what the body can do as long as you push past mental boundaries. In powerlifting it’s you against yourself, and beating yourself is the best motivation to conquer the weight.

Long term consistency trumps over short terms intensity. Training consistently as well as eating clean will get you the results. I started using supplements the second I started deadlifting double my own body weight.  Of course, there were several occasions where I needed pre-workout to give that extra push. Yet, one has to also understand that training heavy isn’t easy, not even the slightest. Once your numbers head in the direction of weighing more than your own weight, your body starts taking hits from left to right.

Supplements are added to your arsenal to aid in many different ways. For example, protein and amino acids are the building blocks of muscle, if one is deficient in them, how can one push past their bodies limitations, how do you expect to recover faster?  Glucosamine and multivitamins are also very important if not, crucial. These supplements aid in lubricating and strengthening your joints. Mobility, flexibility and stability are the most crucial components when performing the main movements and utilizing the best form. Creatine is great for off season as well, it aids in strength and muscle gains, increased work capacity, increased recovery, loss of  fat, and even has been shown to improve heart and brain health.

If you’re in need of consultation or have any questions, feel free to see me at the Eva’s in Jackson Heights. I’ll offer insight in injury prevention, optimal recovery, and strength and muscle gains as well as meeting weight requirements for individual sports. Together we’ll build a better foundation for bringing you closer to the savage you were born to be. 
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