Alpha Lion - Gains Candy(60 Caps)

Alpha Lion

  • AS A STAND-ALONE INGREDIENT. If you are cycling off caffeine but still want clean, long-lasting energy, TeaCrine Gains Candy is a terrific alternative as a stand-alone ingredient!* It is recommended to take 2-4 capsules per day when taking it alone.
  • AS A WORKOUT PERFORMANCE ENHANCER. If you’re looking to take your training intensity to the next level*, you can stack TeaCrine Gains Candy with either of our powerful pre-workouts: SuperHuman Pre-Workout or Stim-Free Komodo Pump.
  • As TeaCrine takes longer to kick in (up to 60 minutes), we recommend you take it 1 hour before you workout. Start by experimenting with 1 capsule (50mg) and increase dosage based on how you feel.
  • TO OPTIMIZE YOUR DAY AKA GET MORE SH*T DONE! Teacrine and Caffeine together are a superb combo for work, study, the gym, or gamers looking to optimize their entire day.* And the secret to your success is found in the different half-lives of the two.
  • With caffeine having the shortest half-life and TeaCrine Gains Candy having the longest, stacking the two can give you an unmatched experience of clean energy that lasts all day long with improved mood and focus.* Start with 1 capsule of TeaCrine Gains Candy (50mg) + 100mg Caffeine (1-2 cups of coffee) and slowly increase dosage based on the effect you feel.

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