Anabolic Designs - Astragulus (60 Caps)
Anabolic Designs - Astragulus (60 Caps)

Anabolic Designs

Anabolic Designs - Astragulus (60 Caps)

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What is Project AD Astragalus?

Project AD has released yet another high spec formulation for their wellness range in the form of Project AD Astragalus.

It has been formulated as a high-quality kidney, stress and immune support supplement. A research-driven blend with no expense spared which contains a huge 650mg dose of Super Astragalus Extract alongside proven adaptogens to combat cortisol/stress levels.

Project AD Astagalus delivers a 1/2 months supply and contains no proprietary blends to hide any form of underdosing.

What is the primary benefit of Astragalus?

Astragalus is shown to nourish our bodies’ natural defence systems and plays an integral role in maintaining the body’s salt, potassium and acid levels.

What are the key features of this kidney support supplement

  • Research-driven formula
  • Fully disclosed label
  • Proven ingredients
  • Promotes kidney health
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Effective stress/cortisol release supplement