Apollon Nutrition - Hooligan (40/20Serv)

Apollon Nutrition

What Makes Apollon Nutrition Hooligan So Strong?

As mentioned above, the precise mix of ingredients found in this pre-workout powder is what increases the strength.  The ingredients work together to enhance the overall effect felt during your intense workouts.

• DIALED-IN FOCUS – get the most out of each rep by being laser-focused and feeling each muscular contraction to hit those hard to reach deep muscle fibers

• EXTREME ENERGY – feel the surge of energy throughout your body, providing you with the ability to improve your performance in the gym

• INTENSE PUMPS – engorge your muscles with blood to help enhance your pump while also helping to transport important nutrients into the working muscles

• MAXIMUM STRENGTH – with the ability to help boost strength, you’ll need to be able to do some math with all the plates you may be adding to the bar

• IMPROVE PERFORMANCE – take your training to the next level by maximizing your effort from both a mental and physical standpoint

• ZERO FILLERS & 100% TRANSPARENT LABEL – know exactly what you are putting in your body without the guesswork

To give you a better idea of the power behind the formula in Apollon Nutrition Hooligan, below are some of the key ingredients found in the pre-workout powder and what they can do for you.

Maximize Your Efforts with Clinically-Researched Ingredients

L-Citrulline: Enhance your pump during training by increasing arginine levels to support nitric oxide production while also boosting performance and combating muscular fatigue

Beta Alanine: Help improve endurance, enhance focus, and build muscle faster

Betaine Anhydrous: Can aid with achieving a pump, improvingnutrient transport, increasing endurance, reducing fatigue, and helps add quality lean muscle mass

Tyrosine: May help improve cognitive performance which can provide you with better focus during workouts so you can maximize muscular contractions

Agmatine Sulfate: Help achieve a pump during your workouts while also boosting mental focus and clarity

Caffeine Anhydrous: Can deliver a boost in energy levels and performance to maximize your time in the gym

L-Alpha GPC: May provide a boost in attention, memory, and cognition to help get you focused during your workouts

Theobromine: Added to help improve energy levels, provide a nootropic effect, and boost vasodilation (the pump)

Himalayan Pink Salt: A vital nutrient that aids in electrolyte balance, helps maintain proper hydration, and can prevent muscle cramps during intense bouts of exercise

elevATP™: Clinically-researched extract that can help enhance performance, improve body composition, boost power output, reduce fatigue, and increase muscular strength

DiCaffeine Malate: Can provide lasting energy without the unwanted jitters or crash while also aiding with mental focus and concentration to help improve performance

BioPerine: Help increase the absorption of ingredients found in the profile so they can better be utilized by the body

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