Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)
Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)

Dr. Julissa

Dr. Julissa - Epic Woman Stack (3 supplement Stack)

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Ashwagandha has traditionally been used as an anti-inflammatory to treat various diseases associated with nerve tissue damage from the effects of free radicals. Being an adaptogen it is known to increase the body’s capacity to face a wide range of chemical, physical and mental stresses. It is commonly used to aid recovery after chronic or serious illnesses including exhaustion, AIDS, and tuberculosis. Ashwagandha is one of the few sedating and calming adaptogen herbs available making it especially useful for those suffering from anxiety.

Since ashwagandha carries all of these nervous system balancing, inner calm-promoting qualities, it can also be effective for relieving insomnia. According to TCM, these actions are inherent since ashwagandha is a yang tonic with an affinity for the heart (Tierra, n.d.).

 Ashwagandha plays more roles. Not only does ashwagandha act as a yang rejuvenator, relaxing adaptogen, libido booster, and thyroid modulator, it also boosts our mood, balances depression and anxiety-based states, helps support healthy blood sugar levels, improves our memory, supports physical endurance, promotes respiratory health, and regulates our inflammatory response (Rose, 2008; Tierra, n.d.).


Organic Beet: 

The richest source of Nitric Oxide (NO), Beet Root has shown in research to relieve

blood vessel stiffness, optimizing both circulation and sexual function in Men and Women. In ancient medicine, it has been used for sexual weakness, and we see Beet Root used as a sex hormone enhancer, also known as an aphrodisiac substance, by humans. Long considered a food beneficial to blood health, Beet Root improves circulation, and reduces high blood pressure.

A study confirmed Beet Root supports brain health as well, given it supplies iron, and the nitrates found in beet root help to increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, the front of the brain. These studies are associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and Beet Root has shown to successfully support in overcoming these challenges.

Beet Root is used today extensively by athletes, improves endurance, energy and performance. Research states modern pharmacology shows that red beet extract exhibits antihypertensive and hypoglycemic activity as well as magnificent antioxidant activity important to maintain human health and neutralize the negative effect of oxidative stress. In humans, oxidative stress is involved in many diseases like atherosclerosis, myocardial challenges, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and also aging.

Beet Root helps correct obesity, visceral fat, and improves blood cholesterol.



MACA 4:1 Extract, Concentrated from 3200 mg. of Maca Root

Maca is known as a plant excellent for menopausal women. Research shows Maca appears to boost the pituitary gland, increasing hormone production in the ovaries, generally resulting in multiple orgasms.

Additional research shows Maca increases estrogen levels after menopause, or hysterectomy surgery, by as much as 70%!

It has been used in Peru traditionally, and in high altitudes, as a fertility aid.