Driven Sports - Thermo-Fuze (60 Caps)
Driven Sports - Thermo-Fuze (60 Caps)

Driven Sports

Driven Sports - Thermo-Fuze (60 Caps)

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Driven Sports - Thermo-Fuze (60 Caps)

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✓ You’re hungry.
✓ Your mood is crap.
✓ You lack energy.
✓ You find yourself moving around less.
✓ Your appetite is out of control.
✓ You’ve hit a plateau.

You can tick the box against any one or even all of these when you’re dieting. The question is, what can you do about them?

The first thing to address is obviously your diet. Don’t drop your calories too low too quickly, keep protein consumption high, choose wholesome nutritious food sources that promote satiety, limit processed foods. There’s actually a lot that can be (and has been) said about this. Books have been written. Like, hundreds of thousands of them. Literally. If you actually want to make progress on your diet and not spin your wheels then definitely address this first and foremost. There are dozens of great online tools for tracking and adjusting nutritional needs at your fingertips that we implore you to utilize.

Now, regarding a tool you can utilize to overcome the inevitable adversity you face during dieting, that’s where we come in.

A lot of the issues with dieting can be connected as part of a larger web. For instance, a lack of energy and a reduction in activity can be inherently linked for obvious reasons – if people feel low on fuel they’re less likely to be moving around. Mood and hunger can be somewhat tied together – and you can associate appetite here – as a lot of people will try and self-medicate a crappy mood with indulgent foods that they typically overeat. That tends to have the opposite effect on mood as guilt sets in and a vicious cycle begins. Ultimately you hit a plateau. Or worse, start moving in reverse by actually gaining fat rather than stripping it away.

The whole system is designed with multiple fail-safes and redundancies in place that aren’t all too interested in letting you be muscular and ripped.  Your brain’s primary concern is keeping you alive and normal, and if you’re currently reading this it seems like it’s doing a pretty good job so far. But also, if you’re reading this you aren’t one of the people who are interested in being normal…

Now that we have the problems outlined lets move into the solution.

By attacking the web of issues from multiple angles we can make your dieting experience run a lot more smoothly. A stall in progress is generally what happens if you get into a routine without making adjustments – Thermo-Fuze™ is your adjustment.

This is achieved using a finely-tuned combination of invigorating herbal and stimulating plant extracts that enhance the way your body controls metabolic processes. While the Craze® Burn blend is similar to the Crz™ The O.G. energy formula it has been tweaked to switch focus away from ergogenic goals and towards thermogenic goals.

Each component provides multiple benefits – some of which work in concert with each other. The erythropalum scandens extract and alchornea floribunda root extract work with b-PEA to provide an increase in energy to encourage you to keep moving, to workout, to keep burning calories. Green tea and green coffee extracts work to blunt hunger and appetite and promote the signaling of neurochemicals involved in mood boosting, an effect enhanced by the addition of caffeine and psoralea extract. The latter of which also boost fat burning hormones and invigorate central nervous activity.

Collectively the formula can enhance your mood and improve your headspace, which lets face it, can really take a kicking during a diet. This can be the extra little push each day for you to keep going, to stick to your diet, and to maintain your regime. Because ultimately sticking with it day-in, day-out is what drives progress and creates results.