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What is Excelsior?

Excelsior is the strongest pre-workout formula available to date that provides an instant hit of energy, giving you skin-tearing pumps & hardcore intensity

Why Excelsior?

Everyone knows the benefits of stimulation prior to working out, and the effect this ultimately has on your gains. Don't be the person missing out on muscle growth or strength gains because you aren't feeling up to doing more reps in the gym. Stim up, raise hell, then get home & rest.

Who needs Excelsior?

1. Someone looking to take their performance in the gym to new heights.

2. Anyone looking for an edge.

3. Those seeking a huge jolt of energy.


All-Day Energy

When you start taking this product for the first time at a full dose, expect to squeeze out a full 12 hours of energy on a single dose. New/sensitive users might even find it lasts a few hours longer.

Relentless Focus
Be careful about taking this preworkout casually. Always make sure you have SOMETHING you need to do - whether it's a punishing workout or a huge stack of paperwork. You probably won't enjoy sitting around doing nothing on Excelsior.

Appetite Suppression
It's easy to forget about food on Excelsior, and this product will probably pay for itself in a few days from your appetite reduction. But do remember at least to snack regularly

The Science

We have all been waiting. Waiting for the next innovation in the pre-workout category. Waiting for the next round of those killer workouts where it seems like you can never lift enough weight. You never seem to get tired. You never want to stop. We’ve been waiting long enough…

The pre-workout category used to be a haven for great products. After some legendary PWOs were retired, the industry moved towards ever-escalating dosing of caffeine. Caffeine is great, we all know it is and we all want a good dose of it, but if the formula is centered around that alone, you’ll get your quick bump of energy and then just crash. If caffeine were all that we needed we’d be ordering triple espressos from bearded hipsters in flannel at the local fair trade coffee shop before every workout. It’s bullshit and something needed to be done about it.

Enter Excelsior.

We're talking about cutting edge stimulants, unflappable endurance and the laser-like focus needed for setting new PRs in your workout. A formula that actually fills an entire day with energy and stimulation not for the faint of heart. The neuro-stimulating explosion you have anticipated for years. Even if you don’t care how the magic happens, go and buy Excelsior right now. Don’t hesitate. It’s that f*!@ing good. But if you are interested in the magic then keep reading.

Let’s not waste anybody's time here. We are well aware that all you really care about is the stim. Yeah, we put in citrulline and betaine for pumps and strength but in the end it's really all about the stim.

So that part about cutting edge stims... that’s what Kigelia Africana is. It’s a traditional African extract used by locals for a ton of different health related functions. Kigelia is part of a new industry of compliance. In moving away from unlawful synthetic stimulants like DMAA and BMPEA there has been a resurgence of interest into legitimate plant sources rich in stimulants like Acacia, Dendrobium and Alpinea.

Kigelia’s stimulant content gears up your central nervous system to boost energy as well as provide a unique sensory feel. It increases the activity of neurotransmitters from the brain to the muscles. An amped up CNS makes muscles fire stronger for that powerful mind-muscle connection you’ve been missing. It also has a mild analgesic effect, numbing you to the discomfort of continually pushing harder and further. Extended workouts with more reps translate into more gains and improved athletic performance.

The purple orchid tree, also known as Bauhinia Purpurea, increases metabolic rate. In other words, it accelerates the consumption of body fat. You may be thinking: who cares about a fat-stripping ingredient in my pre-workout? Everyone should, if their goal is to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat. Improving metabolic rate and thereby increasing circulating levels of T3 and T4 also increases lean muscle, since an elevated metabolic rate accelerates protein turnover.

You may be looking at the Hawthorne extract and thinking: this stuff is used for heart health and blood pressure or life extension purposes, not for crushing PRs in the gym, right? If that's the case, maybe you haven't done all your homework on this ingredient. Hawthorne reduces MAO activity by 50%, counteracting its attack and deactivation of stimulants in the bloodstream. By reducing MAO, we have been able to make Excelsior last all day and work better then anything else. It’s key to improving the feel and duration of stimulants, like Kigelia, Bauhinia, Bitter Orange and octopamine.

But that’s not all. Bitter orange extract (BOE) contains a few stimulants itself - like synephrine and octopamine - which mimic the actions of neurotransmitters. BOE also contains several compounds that inhibit drug-metabolizing enzymes in the body known as the CYP system. In other words, like hawthorn, BOE can extend the life of stimulants in the body so their effects are prolonged. If you’re looking for a long-lasting stimulant effect, then this inclusion is a no-brainer.

Excelsior is more than just mega-dosed caffeine. What we have here is the absolute best asset for your workouts, and to fuel the rest of your day. This is what you have been missing from your supplement arsenal. Maybe you didn't even know it was missing because you never knew this feeling was possible. This is what you need.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

You’ve been waiting long enough.


Must be 18+ to purchase or use Excelsior 

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