InnovaPharm - Novalean (50/25 Serv)


NOVALEAN is a delicious-tasting, stimulant-free thermogenic masterpiece containing 11 research-backed ingredients that support increased calorie burning and weight loss. You may have seen other carnitine-based weight loss aids in the past, but NOVALEAN is the furthest thing from “conventional” you’ll find. We’ve taken a multifaceted approach to fat burning by utilizing compounds that upregulate fat oxidation, downregulate adipocyte differentiation, increase calorie expenditure, and decrease appetite.* In addition to a sizeable 3 grams of carnitine, we’ve also included nootropics to enhance focus and mental energy alongside nutrients that significantly enhance thermogenesis without the addition of stimulants. And, true to our name, we’ve brought another industry-first ingredient to the market in 13-PPAR Rhizoma Coptidis extract. NOVALEAN Neuro At-A-Glance 3 grams total carnitine* Supports metabolism* Encourages fat burning* Boosts energy expenditure* Promotes greater mental energy and focus* Stimulant-free!*

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