Pana C-315


What is Pana C-315®?

Pana C-315® is an all natural liquid nutritional supplement. The product contains more than 315 nutrients that are microcomplexed with organic carbon. This means that all the nutrients have been bound to organic carbon, the very substance that comprises most of the earth's matter. Therefore, Pana C-315® is very homogeneous to the human body. Its liquid form is extremely well tolerated and efficiently absorbed. It is efficacious and safe for all members of your family.

Pana C-315® is all natural, vegetarian, drug free, caffeine free and preservative free.

What type of multivitamin is best for my family?

Carbon-Bond Organic Supplements.Modern research supports the assertion that every individual needs a good daily multivitamin as a foundation of health and nutrition. What kind to take is a very important question. There are many types of multivitamins on the market, and there are equally varied messages about what is good. Here are a few considerations that are truly important:

  • Look for a good quality supplement without binders, synthetics and excipients. These are the agents that are used to manufacture many pills. These agents can be harmful to the body.
  • Avoid synthetic vitamins, often Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopherol). These are less bio-available (takes more to gain effective dose) and may even be harmful.
  • Organic vitamins are higher quality than non-organic.

Liquids vs. Pills. There are two fundamental reasons to take liquid vitamin supplements instead of pills.
  1. Absorption is the primary reason people select liquids. Some researchers cite up to 5 times the absorption rate of liquids vs. pills. Even if the number were just 2 times, you can effectively halve the amount per serving of ingredients in a pill form vs. the liquid. This is because the body will excrete at least half of what is in a pill. This also effectively multiplies the cost per dose by 2.
  2. The second reason is more emotional; some people, especially children, just don't want to swallow a handful of pills. If you can find a pleasant tasting liquid, it's much easier to swallow.

What is the unique technology in Pana C-315®?

intraCELL® V Technology is the new proprietary ground-breaking "carbon-bond" technology.
  • First, it surrounds, then polymerizes an inorganic molecule (toxin) with living organic carbon, then instantly breaks it into very tiny restructured organically complexed molecules.
  • Second, intraCELL® V Technology converts inorganic elements and molecules to be 100% organically microcomplexed® for maximum intra-cellular and extra-cellular detoxification.
  • Then, intraCELL® V Technology instantly infuses over 315+ life promoting, 100% carbon-bond organic microcomplexed® nutrients into the cell.

  • Why do I need carbon-bond organic minerals?

    "Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency."*

    Without organic trace minerals as a carrier, vitamins and other nutrients are not as effective. Cells cease to function, the immune system weakens, the nervous system deteriorates and the body begins to age more rapidly. True 100% organic minerals and nutrients are absolutely critical to maintain health, promote healing, and prevent illness and disease.

    Do I get enough nutrients and minerals from my food? No. "99% of Americans are deficient in organic minerals because inorganic toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides have destroyed nearly all the critical organic minerals, elements, and complexes in our soils. A marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals may actually result in disease."

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