Repp Sport - Natural Cutting & Muscle Building Stack

Repp Sports

Repp Sport - Natural Cutting & Muscle Building Stack

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Repp Sport - Natural Cutting & Muscle Building Stack


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Hard Caps™ are designed to maintain endocrine balance while providing natural extracts that encourage development of lean, chiseled muscle. Support muscle building processes while keeping runaway estrogen in check with a combination of dim, chrysin, ashwagandha, and smilax officinalis extract, all standardized to provide a high-potency blend of naturally occurring compounds that help cut down on a puffy, bloated “dirty-bulk” look. Combine with diet & training to chisel the physique of greek legend.


Reps Sports Turkesterone - is a breakthrough in the realm of natural anabolic supplements. Derived from the Ajuga turkestanica plant, Turkesterone is a potent compound that mimics the effects of traditional anabolic substances without the associated side effects.

By promoting protein synthesis and inhibiting protein breakdown, Turkesterone supports muscle growth and recovery, allowing you to maximize the results of your training efforts. It also aids in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, a crucial factor for anabolic muscle growth and overall protein utilization in the body.


Broken Arrow - Flavor: Spiked Fruit Punch (30 Serv)

High Stim, High Energy