Transparent Labs - Carb Powder (30 Serv)

Transparent Labs

Strength Series Carb Powder is the evolution of carbohydrate supplements, featuring 25 g of patented Cluster Dextrin® (highly branched cyclic dextrin) in every serving. This is not your traditional glucose-loaded sports beverage that leaves your stomach in knots. In contrast to low molecular weight carbohydrates like dextrose, Cluster Dextrin® is a novel highly branched, high-molecular-weight carbohydrate derived from amylopectin. The unique chemical characteristics of Cluster Dextrin® allow it to be rapidly absorbed into the intestines instead of spiking your insulin levels and wreaking havoc on your stomach.

Cluster Dextrin® serves as the ideal source of sustained-release carbohydrates that are easily digestible and have minimal impact on insulin secretion. We also recommend using TL Carb Powder immediately before training for fueling your workouts and augmenting athletic performance; after training, consume TL Carb Powder in conjunction with TL Protein Powder to ignite the recovery process and pack on lean muscle mass. Cluster Dextrin® in TL Carb Powder mixes easily in virtually all liquids and has a neutral, mildly sweet taste (unflavored versio

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