Transparent Labs - Intra (30 Serv)

Transparent Labs

CoreSeries Intra Workout is a premium essential amino acid (EAA) supplement designed to ignite muscle protein synthesis (MPS), protect against muscle tissue catabolism, boost energy, enhance hydration, and increase nitric oxide production so you can perform at peak capacity for hours on end. This intra-workout formula features a precise ratio of all nine EAAs, including 2:1:1 vegan instantized BCAAs, along with patented elevATP®, Astragin™, and BetaPure™ to augment muscle energy metabolism and amino acid uptake.

TL Intra is rounded out with chelated electrolytes, coconut water powder, citrulline malate, taurine, and L-tyrosine to help volumize muscle cells, maintain hydration status, support blood flow, and sustain focus while you train. Best of all, each serving of TL Intra is completely free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and fillers. If you’re looking for an EAA supplement that covers all your bases (and then some), this is the product for you.

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