Muscle Gainer Stack


Muscle Gainer Stack

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Mass Gainer:

ProteinSeries MASS GAINER offers one of the purest, and most effective, muscle-building and weight-gaining formulas available. 

Packed with everything you need to increase your lean muscle mass, MASS GAINER provides 53 grams of protein (derived from 100% Grass-Fed Whey Concentrate), 750 calories, and 109 grams of clean, natural, and effective carbohydrate sources per serving.

If you've been looking for the perfect meal replacement and/or weight gainer protein shake to supplement your workout and nutrition regimens, MASS GAINER is the perfect solution. 

Please note: Cookies & Cream flavor is NOT Gluten Free. 


Mass Caps:

RAZE Mass Caps contains a natural blend of ingredients designed to improve your body's response to weight training. Featuring two sources of ecdysterones. 

RAZE Mass Caps gives you the edge to work smarter and hard in the gym. These ingredients are naturally founds in plants like Ajuga trukestanica and at higher concentrations have been observed to improve the body's natural muscle building processes, especially when paired with resistance training. The result is a natural, all-in-one formula to support strength & mass when training.

Directions: Take 1 serving (4 capsules) of RAZE Mass Caps with your beverage of choice in the morning. Never consume more than 1 serving (4 capsules) in a 24 hour period.


Creatine HMB:

StrengthSeries Creatine HMB includes ingredients at clinically effective dosages and contains zero artificial sweeteners, colored dyes, unnecessary fillers, or harmful additives. When combined, Creatine monohydrate and HMB have been shown to enhance strength, increase endurance, decrease fat mass, and prevent lean muscle loss. The added BioPerine® increases bioavailability and absorption.