Project AD - Nitr-ox (20 Serv)
Project AD - Nitr-ox (20 Serv)

Project AD

Project AD - Nitr-ox (20 Serv)

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Project AD - Nitr-ox (20 Serv)


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  • The pump, my fellow iron disciples, isn’t just a sensation—it’s a glorious state of being, a euphoric rush that ignites the spirit. It's the tangible proof that you’re conquering the iron, pushing your muscles to their peak! 

    "The pump" refers to the engorgement of muscles during exercise, and its benefits extend beyond a temporary visual spectacle. As muscles contract repeatedly during workouts, blood flow to the active muscle groups intensifies, resulting in increased vascularity and a swollen appearance. This process not only enhances the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissues but also aids in the removal of metabolic waste products. The heightened metabolic stress within the muscles prompts cellular adaptations, fostering growth and muscular development over time.

    Project AD Nitr-OX Upgraded

    Project AD's Nitr-Ox Upgraded is a relentless force in the realm of pre-workout supplements. Building upon its predecessor's potent formula, this 2023 edition has emerged as a titan in the fitness arena. Retaining the core components that made its forerunner a standout, Nitr-Ox Upgraded elevates the game by amplifying each ingredient to deliver an unrivaled pump-inducing experience. Witness the intensified impact of 175mg of norvaline, pushing the boundaries of vascularity and muscle engorgement.

    While maintaining the significant 5g glycerol content, the transition to GlycerSize glycerol signifies an enhancement in muscle hydration and endurance. The substitution of citrulline malate with a colossal 10g pure citrulline per serving unleashes a surge in nitric oxide production, driving superior blood flow and nutrient delivery. Additionally, the infusion of 75mg AstraGin further amplifies nutrient absorption, ensuring every element of this powerhouse formula is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

    * Massive 10 gram dose of L-Citrulline

    * Monstrous muscle pumps

    * Increase intracellular hydration

    * Skyrocket nitric oxide levels

    Directions: As an adult dietary supplement for best results, take one serving (1 scoop approx 15.25 grams) prior to training. Mix with water or your favorite beverage. Begin with a single serving to assess tolerance and increase in line with body weight. Do not exceed 6 servings in any 24-hour period. Nitr-OX Upgraded can be stacked with Raging Full or Aminotaur Essential as part of your advanced workout and performance protocol.