Psycho Pharma - Thunder Struck (120Caps)
Psycho Pharma - Thunder Struck (120Caps)

Psycho Pharma

Psycho Pharma - Thunder Struck (120Caps)

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It’s a unique but transparent combination of known ingredients dosed specific to work as a super T-formula/ E-blocker with laxogenin and the super pump ingredient S7.

Suggested use is 3-4 months continuous use, with 30-60 day break.
The S7 ingredient promotes a pump for any “muscle group” being used and in other areas of the body thought about using…
75mg dose of Androst (also known as Arimestane) will greatly help reduce any puffiness,and show more vascularity !
The natural T ingredients are dosed at a high level to help strength and general well-being as a man on a mission!
The Bonus added is 100mg (purest %99 purity) Laxogenin !.

Ingredients: 75mg Androst, 100mg Laxogenin, 500mg Testosurge, 400mg SA3X, 300mg KSM-66, 250mg LongJack, 250mg Stinging Nettle, 100mg DIM, 100mg S7 “super pump ingredient”
Other Ingredients: Shilajit, Boron, Zinc, vitamin D3, Magnesium